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Stories behind the shots

Never been much of a blogger in the past. I tried one during the 2010 World Cup and loaded several stories about the experience of being in South Africa during such a brilliant

event and getting to so many games. But I lost myself in the tournament, and forgot to keep the blog up to date with the memories of the games I'd been to, so it slowly slipped away.

So the idea of blogging some stories and thoughts behind the pictures I take actually took a long time to register with me.

The new version of WIX, which I use as the base for this website, had an example of a blog page, and this go me thinking to start again, but this time around my photography.

Even if this ends as a personal blog, I like the idea of making a record of the stories behind some of the shots I've taken.

I'm hopeful others will read these blogs from time to time, and feel inspired to take their camera a little more seriously, perhaps even to turn the dial from auto to manual and take control, or even better, plan a trip to some of the locations I've been lucky enough to visit over the last 10 years since a camera became more than just a snap maker for me.



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